Core Process Psychotherapy

has its roots both in a Buddhist understanding of human experience and the techniques and developments of Western psychology. This is contained in the concept of the integration of body, mind and spirit.

It is based upon the belief that within us there exists a core, which holds the potential for health and well being, which can be accessed through increased awareness.

Core Process is an exploration of our present experience, and how this expresses our past conditioning and conditions of our lives. Each of us shapes our personality into a unique form, with which we identify and through which we look at the world. Through the therapeutic work we can begin to be aware of our own inner process; which does not change our experience but can alter our attitude to it. This can allow a greater freedom and flexibility in the way we relate to others and ourselves.

During the sessions an awareness of what is happening in the moment is used to investigate our inner processes - feelings, sensations, thoughts, attitudes and their expression in the body. This is particularly important when dealing with issues of distress, anxiety, depression or our responses to living in a pressurised and complicated world.

With its roots in ancient traditions and modern techniques CCP attempts to go beyond symptoms and to bring an engagement with living life to the full.

The relationship between Therapist and Client is of crucial importance and is characterised by respect, acceptance, warmth and confidentiality. There is an understanding that the therapeutic work is a journey of learning for both participants and that the only expert on an individual is the individual him/herself.

If you would like to find out more about the Karuna Institute, the home of Core Process Psychotherapy, and its founder Maura Sills, use the link on the 'links' page